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1. Cactus touch-lamp: Bought on my first trip to CA to visit my brother in 2001. It's kitschy and I love it.


2. Most Vulnerable Award: Presented to me at my 1st improv camp in 2019 (you can message me for the deets if you want). 


3. Mousters Degree: I graduated from Disney's College Program and got these sweet, tasseled mouse-ears.


4. Reminding me of the heavy metal braces I wore from 2015-2018 and the residing royalty (i.e. crowns-a-plenty)


5. My mother passed away when I was 20. Her absence has made a huge impact on my life and this little nook helps keep her memory alive. (From left to right: A boob mug she made in ceramics class a year after I was born, her high school picture, a bottle of her favorite perfume, Chanel No.5, and a small music box that plays We've Only Just Begun by The Carpenters - my parents' wedding song).

6. My friend, Ren, created this perfect sketch of me, Ryan (my spouse), and two of our cats, Hubble & Penny.


7. My favorite sandwich growing up was peanut butter, Fluff, and Fritos (smooshed in the middle).


8. Vintage tin toys: they move!


9. Pigeons are cool AF. 



Tina's professional background in improv and sketch comedy amplified her inherent sense of creating interesting and complex characters vocally, physically, and logically ('If this is true, what else is true?'). She focuses on bringing authenticity to the world the author has created and engage the listener so they feel like they are discovering the story together. Whether in fiction or not, Tina's youthful sound, energy, and timeless soul lends itself from Middle Grade/YA and cozy mysteries to fantasy and self-help titles.   

When she's not narrating, Tina is a "Sparkling Beatnik" in the Empire Revue. Together they write, produce, and present a new sketch show every few months accompanied by a live band. She loves any and all opportunities to make props, dive into her extensive wig collection, and curate the perfect costume/persona for each of her characters. 


Tina loves a trivia night. Her special skills include the "name that tune" round and her knowledge of pop culture from the 80's-00's. She is married to an amazing human whom she met while they worked together at a local record store over 20 years ago. Tina also enjoys hamming it up at karaoke, binging reality tv shows, and snuggling with her 3 cats: Hubble, Penelope, and Louise.

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