A professionally trained improvisor and actor based in Providence, Rhode Island, Tina has narrated a variety of titles from YA, Fantasy, and Contemporary Romance to Health & Wellness. She loves any opportunity to dip into her toolbox of character voices so she can bring the author's story to life and engage every listener. 



I was super shy growing up and loved to escape inside new stories from books at the library and from the occasional Scholastic Book Fair. I slowly started to come out of my shell over the years and the performer in me started to hatch when I took improv classes in 2016. After completing the curriculum and finding "my tribe", I started to perform weekly on stage with my teams and annually in improv festivals from New England and NYC.


In November 2018, I spent a 3-day weekend at a ladies rock camp at RIOT Rhode Island (formerly Girls Rock! RI) where I discovered our band coach was not only musically talented and an awesome person but was also an audiobook narrator. I was super intrigued as this was a dream that I never thought could be a possibility for me! 


Once camp was over we met up for coffee. She shared her audiobook journey and gave me the contact information for her audiobook coach, Elise Arsenault of The Global Actor. In December 2018, I reached out to Elise, who is also a working actor, voiceover artist, and narrator, set up a free consultation with her, and enrolled in her Power Group, which started the following month. Elise not only taught me the skills and strategy I needed to propel myself into this new adventure but she was also so encouraging and helped me build the confidence I needed to keep going.


Throughout 2019, I traveled to NYC for an audiobook class with Gabra Zackman and a voiceover intensive class with Andy Roth, continued to train, practice, and learn all that I can about narration and performance. In November 2019 I made the difficult decision to quit my 9-5 day job to pursue audiobook narration full time. Ultimately, what started as an absolutely terrifying leap turned into one of the most rewarding risks I've taken yet.


In addition to falling in love with the process and the craft, I've also met some extremely kind, talented, and helpful narrators along the way in the recording studio, online webinars, and social events. Since my first gig with a publisher in June 2019, I have narrated 15 titles and continue to forge ahead.

In the Spring of 2020 I began professional acting classes with The Barrow Group and will begin audiobook acting training with award winning narrator, Joel Froomkin, in January 2021 to help hone my audiobook performance even more.


My favorite genres to narrate and perform include Middle Grade and YA. 

Photo Credit: K.O. Photography NJ

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